four cigars

Four cigars

Having grown up going to war movies I was curious about Fury.  In the 50’s we had war movies that were more about the heroes, depicted by actors like John Wayne or even Audie Murphy (who was an actual war hero).  While some of the old films dealt with the emotional aspects of the men fighting, and to some extent the gore of war, they did not measure up to films like Saving Private Ryan or this one, Fury.

This is a well acted, dramatic account of what it was like in a tank outfit during WWII.  It is a coming of age film showing how a young “clerk typist” can evolve into a man willing to kill.  The process he goes through makes this a good film.  Sargent York starring Gary Cooper dealt with this issue but with less depth.   It is disturbing, emotional, and depicts the degradation war brings to both sides.   The scenes in the apartment of two German women is a great study of trying to bring civility to a situation in the midst of chaos.

The film reminds us of the last war fought with a purpose.  There was a clear enemy, an obvious goal, an army backed by a nation, and a distinct end point with a visible outcome.

This one gets four cigars.