The Girl In The Spider’s Web by David Lagercrantz



Kudos to Lagercrantz……  ****

Originally I was not going to read this book. The series by Stieg Larsson was so good, I thought there was no way another author could do justice to it. I was wrong.

David Lagercrantz, with his own style, captures the essence of all the characters Larsson created. This is a well crafted novel with a story line that kept me turning the pages. Lisbeth Salander is portrayed as we all know her, and staying true to form, keeps her distance until she is forced to act.

Lagercrantz tells the story through multiple viewpoints, a multitude of characters, and a detailed account of hackers, autism, and security issues. He masterfully weaves all of these together to give us another good look into the world Larsson created.

My only caveat would be to read the other books first before approaching this one.

This one gets four stars.