three cigars

Three cigars


This is an interesting film on several levels.  The story begins and stays captivating until the end  where it falls apart.  That was my first gut reaction and almost made me give this two cigars.  But after thinking about it, I remembered as I was watching that I kept commenting on how good the acting was from Tye Sheridan who plays Ellis, and how his point of view is the driving force of the film.

Viewed as a coming of age story one would be hard pressed to find a better portrayal of what a young man goes through as he discovers the truth of the world around him.

Based on that I have to give it three cigars.


Dallas Buyer’s Club

two cigars

Two Cigars



Okay, sorry, going against the grain on this one.  The film was well done and well acted, which the Academy Awards recognized.  But it was not all that great.  While the acting was good, no way in my mind was it better or even close to that of American Hustle.

I like Matthew McConaughey as an actor and in “True Detectives” he was fantastic, but there was nothing spectacular in this film.  The movie drags as the story develops and nothing about it amazed me.

Going to have to give this one two cigars out of five.