A Promised Land by Barack Obama

Keeping a promise…..*****

After four years of muck and mud, reading A Promised Land was like taking a hot shower. Obama is articulate, intelligent and candid in his recounting of his early years in politics and a portion of his term as president.

His reflection on the events and what it takes to be president are open and informative. Although he tries to give all sides there is a bit of his own bias that shows through. Perhaps his most candid discussions are in the telling of Michelle’s reaction to his political career.

This book made me laugh, made me feel proud, and made angry. Laughing at some of his own gaffes he makes the reader laugh, proud of his term and the work he and his administration accomplished made me proud. His discussion of the political shenanigans that he had to put up with, and as we see still exist, made and makes me angry.

This is a refreshing insight into the workings of our government, and I look forward to volume 2.

This one gets five stars.