About Don

Professional Reader
In a time when everyone is on the go and wanting to do everything electronically, it’s still great to sit down with a good book.  I do read ebooks, but my love for the feel of a book in my hand will not die.

My tastes are varied. I read both fiction and non-fiction, and enjoy most genres, with the exception of romance novels.  Like everyone, I have my list of favorite authors, and if I’ve read multiple books by an author I will list that author separately.

Like my tastes, I have a varied background. I was an electrical engineer, a pastor, a seminary instructor, and have owned my own business.  My spare time is spent mostly playing golf, playing with my two cats, cooking, and enjoying being with my wife.


2 thoughts on “About Don

  1. Dear Don –

    I am Steven M. Forman’s literary agent. Thanks for your review on Amazon pointing out errors in A BETTER PLACE. Steve worked on the book for five years, doing an enormous amount of research. He obviously missed the opening year of the CIA.

    We have now corrected that error and a number of other copy edits that should have been made previously. It is amazing how many times a manuscript can be read and errors missed.

    Steve hired an expert copy editor who went through the entire book and we have uploaded the corrected version to Amazon. Amazon reports the Kindle version is up and we expect the print version will be up in the next 24 hours.

    If you will email me your address to bob@d4eo.com, I will send you a copy of the revised print edition directly from Amazon. If you prefer the Kindle version I will see if I am able to send that to you from Amazon.

    Thanks Don.

    All the best,

    Bob Diforio
    D4EO Literary Agency
    Mandevilla Press
    13206 Treviso Drive
    Lakewood Ranch, Florida 34211
    203-545-7180 cell
    941-226-0500 office

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