Devoted by Dean Koontz



Sadly, a let down……. **

In my bedroom is a bookcase with every Koontz novel and short story collection, three of which are signed by him.  Needless to say I am a fan.

What I enjoy most about his writing is his mastery of words that make thin plots enjoyable to read. This book fits that to a tee, except for the enjoyable to read part.

One of my favorite novels is Watchers, and this could be described as a sequel to it. Sadly, this one does not have the tension nor story that Watchers had. The characters are poorly developed and true to form the plot is thin, just thinner than most. Unfortunately, the story is completely predictable and upon reaching the end my only thought was, “Okay.”

This book also falls into the trap of when an author is a best seller the editing is not always what it should be. One of the main scenes, and this is not a spoiler, is when the character Shacket is in Megan’s bedroom and he relishes in the smells from the unwashed sheets on her bed, making the point that had they been clean, he would have been disappointed. Later, when she is in bed she notices a stain that should not be there as the housekeeper had just washed the linens. This caused me to come out of the story and go back and check to see if I was correct. To me this is a major flaw in editing.

This one gets two stars.








1 thought on “Devoted by Dean Koontz

  1. I agree…I was very disappointed and the story lines seems contrived and formulaic and the characters were typical Koontz villains… becoming cookie cutter psychopaths. I don’t recommended this one at all.

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