A Lens Without A Face by Maddisen Alexandra

An extraordinary gifted poet…..  *****


Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings…” In this sense, Maddisen Alexandra is a true poet. In this collection of 101 poems, she invokes emotion and thought in the reader in a way that for this reader was often surprising.

While I read each poem and reacted, it was a unique experience in that she saves the titles to the last pages. Once I saw her titles I had to go back and reread the poems to see her meaning and compare it to mine. The comparison was made easier as the book is set up so that the poems are on the verso side and the recto side is blank leaving room for one’s thoughts (or as she suggests drawings) on each poem

She is a master at repetition. The majority of the poems end with the beginning lines in reverse which has a strong impact on making her point.

This collection is one I will reread many times.



A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership by James Comey



Interesting title, interesting read……..  ****

When I review a nonfiction book, I look for how well it is written, how well the author knows their subject, and what did I learn that I did not know. Usually, this is fairly straight forward. Comey’s book muddies that process.

The book is well written as it flows smoothly through parts of Comey’s life and his interaction with presidents, politicians, and other leaders. He obviously knows his subject since he is talking about himself. As to what I learned that I did not know, not much. Things I had thought or already knew were validated, but there is no great revelation here.

Where it gets muddy, is Comey’s explanation of why he did what he did regarding the public announcement regarding Hillary Clinton just before the election. While the facts are presented openly, his decision to be the one to disclose the re-opening of the investigation contradicts his moral stance. He does admit he has always had trouble with his ego and that makes the other excuses more of a smoke screen.

For a man who led our nations best law enforcement group, the FBI, he comes across as naive regarding what people are capable of and what motivates them. He allowed his ego to blind him to consequences.

I am giving this four stars as it is worth the read, just don’t expect a great revelation.