one cigar

More like downer…..

I had doubts about wanting to see this film, but after seeing the preview several times thought it might be a light-hearted change of pace. I was wrong.

The film does start out with an interesting premise of a solution to overpopulation and a unique approach to the future possibilities for humankind. While these are serious issues, there is a humorous aspect to the first part of the story. Admittedly, there could have been more.

Sadly, this movie quickly deteriorates into a commentary on subjects like poverty, privilege, global warming, immigration, and the devastation of the earth. None of which are light subjects and while worthy of discussing, too complicated for the last part of a film.

Expecting a film to brighten my day, I watched the end credits feeling depressed.

This one gets one cigar and should have had a label stating: Beware, not suited for those expecting humor.

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