Night School by Lee Child



Lesson learned…..   *

After reading and reviewing  Make Me by Lee Child, I had promised myself it would be the last Reacher novel I would read.  When I heard about Night School and the story being about Reacher when he was still in the Army, I decided to give it a try.  Surely it would be different. Unfortunately, I should have kept my promise.

This book definitely qualifies as Child’s worse to date. There may be one as bad coming in the future, but this reviewer will not be reading it.

Child wrote this at a second-grade level. Short sentences, minimum description, and repetition. If you eliminate the repetitive prose, this would be a novella. It reads almost as bad as, “See Dick run, see Jane run too”. Maybe he was just honoring his pen name, Child.

Child also moves the reader from one scene to the next by ending with a date or time, then starting the next section with the date or time in the next location.  This is fine once or twice, but is overdone to the point of absurdity.

Night School has all the elements of the formula used in previous Reacher novels. Reacher fights four guys, then later eight guys. He makes love to one of the central characters. He is able to figure things out more quickly than those around him. And of course he bucks authority.

There are too many plot holes to mention here but the worst was the idea that the government could lose track of ten items that become the central part of the book. I won’t spoil it by saying what they are but just know by the time you get to that part the bad writing has already spoiled it.

If I were reviewing this for lazy, bad writing it would get five stars, but since that is not the criteria, it gets one star, and that is being kind.



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