The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer



Seriously not funny…..  ***


We each have a life story, how we tell it or how much we tell is up to us. Amy Schumer reveals a great deal about her life, her mistakes, her flaws, and her struggles in this compelling autobiography.

This book will make you cry, maybe even shock some, and maybe make you smile. Smile, maybe, laugh, no.  Knowing Schumer is a standup comic, I was expecting, and had heard in other reviews, that parts of this book would be funny. Not really.

Her exploits with men are more sad than funny, and her admitting to being in an abusive relationship is a wake-up call for women, not a laughing matter. She is very candid about her childhood and the choices she has made in her life. Her honesty is refreshing and makes this a story worth reading.

Her insights are interesting to read, and she does not hold back on what and why she believes in the things she does. It is sad that she has been maligned for some of her statements, and especially for her body type. She has a personal stake in gun control and when you read why, you can’t help but agree with her.

I am giving this one three stars. It is a good read, worth one’s time, just don’t expect to laugh a lot.

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