Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice



Better title – Old Man vs.Bad Actor: Yawn of Wake Me When It’s Over


There is so much wrong with this film, I am not sure where to start. I guess at the beginning.

Bruce Wayne speeding through Metropolis to reach the Wayne building is one of the worst “car chases” I have ever seen. The phony visual effects are laughable. This is the first look at Ben Affleck and is his hair naturally streaked with gray or was that just to make him look old?

Henry Cavill as Superman looks the part, but his acting was single note. He can scowl fairly well though. I really like Amy Adams as an actress but in this film she needed more of the hard case character she played in “American Hustle”, to pull off being the tough Lois Lane.

The most insulting part of this film for any true Superman fan, is having Lex Luther played by an actor that looked and acted as if he was about 12. No offense to Jesse Eisenberg, but he was the wrong person for the part.

The technical errors are too many to list but I will hit the biggest one. If you haven’t seen the film this is a spoiler.

The premise of the film is that Bruce Wayne decides the world would be better off without Superman. So, as Batman, he plans to fight and kill Superman. As ridiculous as this sounds, Wayne does get his hands on kryptonite to level the playing field. He makes a spear out of it which will surely kill Superman.  Before he can use it Lex Luther creates a “monster” that Batman and Superman must fight together. Without going into the whole story, Lois throws the spear in a pool of deep water. Superman needs to use it to kill the monster and dives in for it. Now here is where things fall apart. When he gets close to it, he is so weak he comes floating to the surface nearly unconscious. But then he recovers and picking it up, flies at the monster so he can ram it into the heart of this creature.

Now follow the lack of logic here. Superman when close to the spear can barely move, yet he picks it up and flies. Sorry, but that was beyond my ability to suspend belief.

This is a film that should have never been made. Bad acting, disjointed story line, laughable special effects, all causing me to not even give this a cigar, maybe just the match to light it on fire!


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