Watching You by Michael Robotham



Another good one from Robotham….  ****


Once again Michael Robotham proves he is at his best when at least one of his characters is written in first person.  This time we are in the head of the protagonist, who Robotham uses to take the reader down a path that has twists, turns, and finally a slight head scratcher. I can’t say who the protagonist is without this being a spoiler.

Marnie Logan’s husband has disappeared and she goes to see Joe O’Loughlin for therapy. This puts Joe and his retired detective sidekick, Vincent Ruiz, in the middle of the story. Someone is eliminating or harassing people in Marnie’s life that have wronged her, and the question of who is doing this drives the plot.

In the middle of the book, a secret about Marnie is revealed and Robotham wants the reader to think this will be the answer to the mystery, but then the twists and turns begin.

In the end, I was left thinking, “Okay, this was possible, but it does stretch believability.”  This is a good read and one of Robotham’s better novels.

This one gets four stars.




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