Lost by Michael Robotham



Twisting and turning……    ****


In this second novel in the series about Joe O’Loughlin, Robotham gives us the first twist by making DI Ruiz the narrator. It is actually Ruiz’s story with O’Loughlin as a side character.

The novel opens with Ruiz suffering from amnesia after being shot.  As he recovers and slowly regains his memory, the reader discovers what happened along with him.  I liked this device. It made this book a page turner and made it harder to predict where the story was going.

The only flaws are the abundance of characters that were a little difficult to keep straight, and the couple of times the author forgot Ruiz’s condition, having him do things that would have been hard for a man with a wounded leg.

This book kept me gripped and with its fast pace was an easy read. I look forward to the next in the series.

This one gets four stars.



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