The Suspect by Michael Robotham



Not bad for first novel….  ***


After seeing a tweet from Stephen King praising Robotham’s Close Your Eyes, I decided to check out this author. Since Robotham writes a series about the character Joseph O’Loughlin I wanted to start with the first book.

The Suspect is a good read, fast paced, and although predictable, it is a good suspense novel. The protagonist, O’Loughlin, is a psychologist who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. This makes for an interesting and unusual story line.

Robotham’s style is humorous, complex, informative, but at times suffers from over writing. A better editor would have cleaned out some of the unnecessary passages, making this a tighter read. The ending stretches the boundaries of believability but with a twist that satisfies the reader.

I will be reading the rest in this series and hopefully will find one that, like Stephen King, “I can’t put down.”

This first one gets three stars.


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