Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz



As only as Koontz can do…   ****


Dean Koontz is a master craftsman with words. In this novel he shows his talent as a wordsmith better than in his last few books. In typical “Koontz” style, the plot is fairly simple and it is his flourish with prose that makes this a good read.

His imagination is at its peak as he weaves ghosts, Navy SEALS, cancer patients, the occult, and paranormal into a page turner.  The story gripped me from the beginning and it was only about two-thirds in that the truth of what was happening was revealed. Even though it was easy to see where he was going with the plot at that point, he writes in a way that kept me reading to see how he would actually finish the story.

The truth of what is happening to the main character, Bibi, reminded me of an old episode of the Twilight Zone. The ending to her story was satisfying, although predictable. The actual ending to this story does leave room for the reader’s imagination to take over.

Koontz is not afraid to stretch himself as a writer, and us as readers. He does both with this novel.

This one gets four stars.



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