The Crossing by Michael Connelly



Crossing over to bad writing…   *


When a novel is categorized as mystery, thriller, suspense, one expects it to have at least one of the three.  This novel has none of the above.

There is no mystery, as we know who the bad guys are from the beginning.  There is no thriller aspect as nothing ever happens. There is no suspense, even near the end when Harry Bosch faces the culprit who is pointing a gun at him, we know how that plays out.

The writing is embarrassingly simplistic.  Not as bad as see Dick run, see Jane run too, but close. Connelly writes as though his readers are not all that bright, explaining things that need no explanation.

This could just be me, but after seeing the televised version of Bosch, I could not help but wonder if this was meant to be a script for that show. It too lacks any energy and does not do justice to the Harry Bosch of the earlier books.

The only good I can say is now I am free to read other authors who still write good books, as this will be my last of Connelly.

This one gets one star and that is being kind.


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