Masters of Sex by Thomas Maier



A  Fascinating Read…..  *****

Thomas Maier does an excellent job of documenting the lives of William Masters and Virginia Johnson, “the couple who taught America how to love.”  Maier takes us behind the curtain to reveal the biographies of two people who went out of their way to keep their private lives private.

This is a well researched account of not only who Masters and Johnson were, but also an eye-opening look at the era and mood in which their study took place. It is amazing how much has changed over the years regarding our openness to talk about sex, and how little-

Maier presents Masters and Johnson from first-hand interviews and those who worked or were friends with the couple. In areas where there is doubt about the facts, he expresses all the points of view and leaves the conclusions to the reader.

Having watched the series Masters of Sex on Showtime, it interesting to see the differences in the truth and how television bends it for dramatization. For anyone who has seen the series, I definitely recommend reading this book. For anyone who hasn’t I still recommend the book.

This one gets five stars for the extensive research and great storytelling about two people that changed our misconceptions about sex into truth.



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