myku: an array of deviant haiku for a new century by Tara Keogh


The art of 5-7-5s…   *****

Being a poet

I know how hard it is to

Write a good haiku.

Tara Keogh not only writes them well, but uses them to make amazing statements about the workplace. her love experiences, and life in general. This is a compilation of two hundred and twelve haikus.  Some of wlhich were previously published in the World Haiku Review.

Like any good poetry, each one should be read, then thought about, then reread.  The meaning of each will vary with the reader, as Keogh states in her introduction. Some I can see putting on a stickie on my computer, some are better left to memory.

Well worth pondering over.  This one gets a solid  five stars.

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