Suppose: Drabbles, Flash Fiction, and Short Stories by Kathy Steinemann



Something for everybody….

This is exactly as advertised. A collection of short stories, flash fiction and drabbles that are easy, fun reads, with some that actually make you think.

If short stories are hard to write, then flash fiction is even harder. To capture a moment in time in just a few hundred words is not easy. A drabble is usually one hundred words or less and is basically a thought. Most of the short stories, flash fiction, and drabbles found here are good. Some better than others.

While weighted more toward science fiction, this collection covers several genres, so there is something for every taste. The book is designed, as the author states, to be read in spurts, to be read when you have a free moment. I read this pretty much straight through which made reading a little tedious and made some of the stories sound too much alike.

The book could have used one more pass by a copy editor but overall is well worth your time.

fourgolfpencils2This one gets four golf pencils.



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