Wake Up: Spiritual Enlightenment Uncloaked by Helen Jane Rose



Before you spend your money, “Wake Up.” …..  *

This is a treatise on spirituality versus the way the author thinks most people view the world and their place in it. Helen Rose, using a process she calls “automatic writing”, channels an entity that provides her with several truths. The problem is I think she tuned into a channel that was a spiritual version of Nick at Night, as there is nothing revealed that has not already been written about.

While the truisms in addressing change, one’s own spirituality, and how we relate to each other are valid, they have been dealt with in many other books. This point is amplified by the numerous quotes between chapters from other sources that Rose uses to validate her writing. Actually, some of the quotes are more profound than what the “entity” is telling her to write.

If you are looking for a book to uncloak your spirituality, try one like The Secret or The Power of Now. Unfortunately, this short essay will not cause you to “wake up”.

This one gets one star.



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