Killing Rush by John Calvin Hughes

killing rush  


   Sadly this is only fiction…    ***


This is a fairly well written story of two brothers, Samuel and Adam. Adam is on a quest to kill Rush Limbaugh and his brother decides to go along for the ride and to hopefully dissuade Samuel.    Their adventure across the South is full of good dialog, quirky encounters, and some fairly heavy philosophical discussions.

This is the type of book that makes you think, makes you reflect on your own beliefs, and leaves you probably with more questions than answers.  Hughes uses the brothers to give us insight into issues that we all should ponder at some point in our life.

Some of the situations and personalities are stereotypical of an outsiders view of the South but there is enough realism to keep one turning the pages.  I titled this review “sadly this is only fiction” because we know (no spoiler here) that the brothers are not successful at killing Rush.

This one gets three stars and I would recommend it as a good read.

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