four cigars

Four cigars


They say the third time is the charm!  This review is based on my third viewing of the movie.  It is the first viewing with sound.  The two prior were on my round trip to Australia where on both routes the person in front of me was watching Wild on their small screen, I could see but not hear.  Choosing to wait to see the movie once home turned out to be fortuitous as at the time I did not realize it had been edited for viewing on the plane.  There were a couple of important scenes that had been dropped.

Having that said, this was a surprisingly good film.  The premise did not have me excited and actually sounded boring, a woman walking the Pacific Crest Trail to find herself. (Yes, I would have thought it boring had it been a man.)  But with the insertion of flashbacks, the story does not drag and has some poignant moments.

Any film that has a known actor who can make you forget you are watching that actor is a good film,  Reese Witherspoon does exactly that, I forgot I was watching her act.  Her performance was outstanding, deserving of her Oscar nomination.

This one gets four cigars!

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