Speaking of Murder by Jonathon Black

spkgof murder

A roller coaster ride worth the ticket…   ***


The prologue of this book grabbed me, making me want to read it.  The set up was intriguing.  After that the first four chapters were an information dump.  In giving the background of characters the explanations were long and somewhat boring.  Then the book picks up again and, for the most part, held my interest. The ending was rushed which was a surprise as the majority of the book is rather detailed.

The story is about a has-been reporter who finds himself investigating the death of motivational speakers after his, somewhat, close friend is killed.  He is helped, and encouraged, by a female student from a journalism class he teaches.  The beleaguered protagonist and the female who needs saving is cliche, but Black gives enough twists to make this a fairly good read.

There is a surprise at the end, which I am not sure really works, but that is why I felt the ending was rushed. This one gets three stars for keeping me turning the pages.


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