one cigar

One cigar

When I mentioned to people that I had seen The One Hundred Foot Journey, and how it inspired me to go deeper into the things I cook, they said, “Oh, then you need to see the Chef“.   Well, I tried.

It is not often that I start a movie that I don’t finish, but this was one.  There was nothing here that was inspiring nor worth watching.  Part of the problem was the film wasn’t sure if it wanted to be a comedy or a drama, it failed on both fronts.  The story line was not plausible, the acting was mediocre, and about half way through I had had enough.

One has to ask why actors like Dustin Hoffman, Oliver Platt, and Robert Downey Jr agreed to show up in this film.   I say show up because none of them were acting.   The lines they had were stiff and delivered as if they were reading a prescription bottle.

As for any kind of inspiration into cooking, if I used what this film brings to the table, I would just go back to frozen dinners from Swanson’s.

This one gets one cigar and that is being generous.


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