True Freedom: How to Heal Your Anxiety by Amanda Rex




They say there are no free lunches… ****


There are no free lunches, but at $3.99 for the Kindle edition, this comes close.  By that I mean there is a great deal of information for very little outlay.

Usually self help books have two major flaws. One, they outline steps too complicated for most of us to take the time to follow.  Second, they spend too much time explaining the steps making the book a drudgery to read.  True Freedom does not suffer from either of these.

Amanda Rex lays out a very distinct, easy to read plan for dealing with anxiety. The steps she gives are practical, and would not be hard to implement.  Her understanding comes from her own experience and that gives her a unique perspective.  Her humor makes this an enjoyable read.  The advice is the kind that when you read it you say, “I can do that”.

While Amanda’s anxiety was paralyzing for her, anyone reading this book will identify with their own anxiety, no matter to what degree they may suffer.  We all have anxious moments of one kind or another, and her practical approach will be a benefit to any reader.

This is a book you don’t just read once.  My recommendation would be to read it through, then go back and reread it slowly, digesting the treasures of insight and then read it again, putting her advice into practice.  And then, maybe, read it every few months just to keep yourself grounded and anxious free.

This gets a solid four stars.

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