Guardians of the Galaxy

three cigars

Three Cigars


So when everyone keeps telling me how great a movie is, my expectation does increase.  Having seen the trailers for Guardians, I had dismissed it as a film I did not need to see. At least, not until it was out on DVD.  But, after listening to all the raves, I decided I had better check it out.  (Note: one of the draws from the trailer was hearing “The Spirit in the Sky”  as part of the sound track).

While it is an entertaining film, it is far from the best of this type as some have claimed.  There is humor, sometimes overdone. There is decent acting, nothing spectacular.  There are special affects, almost overdone, especially the fights in space.  There is a story line, but it is a cliche.

The two bright spots are the music, and Rocket.  The music keeps the movie from being boring, and the CG that creates Rocket is amazing.  Sadly, the song noted above does not appear in the film.

Next time, I need to listen to my gut and if it says wait for the DVD, then I will wait.  Three cigars out of five for this one.


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