Personal by Lee Child

513JFKFmN7L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Six Foot Five, Two Hundred Fifty Pounds In Italics?     **


Really!  Either the author or the publisher decided when describing Jack Reacher to put his height and weight in italics.  Somebody is embarrassed about Tom Cruise portraying Jack and is trying to re-establish the character as a force to be dealt with.  After all, if Tom Cruise walked into a room would you be scared or laugh?

This isn’t Lee’s best, nor his worst Reacher novel.  Maybe close to his worst, Worth Dying For.  The plot is thin, the descriptions are too much like a travelogue, and the ending was not much of a surprise.  Actually, the ending stretched believability by about six feet five inches.

For some reason, as I have seen in books by other authors, Lee Child referred to one of the main characters, Casey Nice, by both names over and over again, as if readers might forget it. One reason this was an issue is the book is written in first person and Jack Reacher would not have kept using both of her names.

Having read all of the Reacher novels, I, like many others, keep saying enough is enough, this is my last one.  But, alas. we all keep coming back.  Guess the best way is to wean myself slowly, so the next one will be an e-book, save myself about $6.00

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