The Second Coming: A Love Story by Scott Pinsker



When A Fiction Book Is Nonfiction        **


This is an interesting approach to writing.  The author has written what he is calling a fictional account of the second coming. What this really is is a dissertation listing all the sides of the debate over which is the truth of Christianity.  Taking no side himself, Pinsker gives us all the arguments from those who feel Christ is the sole gateway into heaven versus those who take a more inclusive view.

Couched in a fictional narrative are all the elements man has debated for centuries regarding the meaning of life and whether or not there even is a god. The problem here is, had it been published as a nonfiction treatise, it might have some merit.  As fiction it is neither a compelling read nor a page turner.  One of the irritating parts to the story is that as the author tells us of the conflict between the two camps of belief, he has a narrative running in the background regarding the original fall of Satan.  Bringing in a combination of biblically-based information and all the myths that have been added over the years, the author inserts this narrative in a way that most of the time is jarring to the reader most of the time..

By not drawing his own conclusion, Pinsker at least makes one think.  If you have never thought about religion or the possibility of god or the meaning of life, then this might get you to dig a little deeper.  It doesn’t resolve any of those issues but it does cover most of the points in a discussion.  As for being a good work of fiction, the author leaves us disappointed.

Two stars for fiction, three for nonfiction.


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