The First Noble Truth by C. Lynn Murphy


Dr Jekyll and Mrs Hyde  ***


Can a book be good and bad at the same time? Evidently! This novel reads as if written by two different people or if by one, a person with a split writing personality.

The story is written from two points of view. One, first person, the second third person. The parts in first person are gripping, dramatic, page turning, emotional, and paint a very good story. The second viewpoint is sluggish, boring, way too much telling, and difficult to slog through. The author seems to be trying to capture the mindset of the character in third person by writing as if that character were narrating. If that was the author’s intent, it didn’t work.

My view here is that the author when writing first person is writing from the heart, from experience or at least a close knowledge of what this character feels. When in third person, the author seems to be reaching for words to tell us that character’s story. There in lies the issue, too much telling and not enough showing. I did not have a reason to like or dislike the character, she seemed flat.

Krista, who is the first person narrator, kept me reading until the end which was worth the wait. This should have been a four star book.

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