Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King



From cliche to a good read…..    ****


A retired cop, an old case never solved, a deranged killer still on the loose: all of which spells cliche, except in the hands of a master story teller like King. He creates characters that you can feel for and some you hate, but with both he weaves a plot that keeps you reading. King takes you on a ride of emotions, from laughter, sadness, to feeling just a little uncomfortable with his choices. A book like this makes you reflect on your own beliefs and prejudices.

In reading some of the negative reviews about this novel, King has obviously struck a nerve in many readers. His stretching of what is considered PC and his viewpoints on life have been met with quite a range of responses. My thought is if a book makes you think or makes you just a tad bit uncomfortable all the better. Reading is designed to expand our minds and expose ourselves to a variety of ideas.

If you are looking for a King story about the supernatural or horror this is not it. What we have here is a master using his skills to keep us entertained, to give us an insight on just how deranged some people can be, and to give us a mirror to reflect on the world we live in.

No, it is not as good as “The Stand” (his best), but far above “Under the Dome”. Thank you Mr. King for an enjoyable read!   Four stars on this one.

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