The Rise of the Guardian (The Guardian Series) by Jennifer Ogden




There is good news and bad news here…  * 

Normally I would not be reviewing a children’s book but was intrigued by the premise of this one so here is an honest gut reaction.

The good news is that as a children’s book, the story would be perfect for a child who is learning to read, or for an adult to read to their child. There is a moral regarding things which can be used for good or bad depending on one’s approach and attitude, an excellent lesson for all of us. The story is simplistic which does make it a good children’s tale.

The bad news is the reason for the one star review. The author appears to have written and published a first draft. Because of that the book suffers from a lack of editing, correct spelling, and structure. All the major criticisms of self published books are present here. The author states in her bio that they have a passion for writing. This is a good story, that just needs a passion for good writing.

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