Captain America (The Winter Soldier)…

three cigars

Three Cigars



Or as my wife likes to say, Captain USA.

As super heroes go I could never quite get into this guy.  Even as a kid who read all (or most) of the super hero comic books, this was one that never got me interested.  Because of that background I had skipped the first movie, but after reading all the rave reviews of this one I had to see it.

I will say I was surprised.  The acting is good, the story line almost believable, and the special effects did not overpower the film.  As with any of these types of movies one can’t look too close to some of the scenes, especially when our hero falls way too far to end up clinging to the side of an airship.  But it kept my interest and even though it is long I never felt the need to leave early.

I won’t spoil any of the plot but there was not anything that you couldn’t predict here.  One of the reviewers that I read said that this was the best super hero movie in a long time.  I will agree if by long time he means since the first Thor.

So with all that I give it three cigars out of five

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