The Sentry (A Joe Pike Novel)


I Think Robert Forgot To Include The Story    ***


There seems to be a trend among authors of series recently to produce a book that is weak in story line. Lee Child did this in “Worth Dying For”, Michael Connelly did it in “The Reversal”, and now one of my favorite authors has followed suit.

As a fan of Pike, I would expect more than reading about him driving his Jeep from place to place and watching for the bad guys. This book is light on plot, character development, and ending. Like James Patterson’s “Cross Fire”, the final showdown between Pike and Daniel doesn’t live up to what we would have expected. Daniel is able to kill Columbian drug muscle with ease yet puts himself in an amatuerish situation when finally confronting Pike.

Let’s hope all these authors come back from their “rest” with renewed commitment to writing a page turner.

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