The Aisha Prophecy


The Aisha Disappointment    *


In the past anything written by John Maxim would not only capture my interest but would have a special place on my bookshelf. The Bannerman series is one of my favorites. I devoured each one and kept looking for more after the last was read. When I found “The Ashia Prophecy” I was excited to once again be transfixed by Maxim’s talent as a story teller.

Sadly, I am disappointed. It is hard to believe this is the same author who penned even the previous book about the Black Angel in “Haven”. This is not Maxim at his best nor at his worse. This is as if someone else penned this 600 page attempt at writing. It must have been John Minimum. Minimum plot, minimum character development, and minimum reason to turn a page.

My wife kept asking me, “Why are you reading that book if you are so disappointed?”. I kept hoping it would get better and something worth reading would happen. For this reader, it never did.

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