Junkie (A Cal Rogan Mystery)


A Refreshing Read    *****

A common theme in crime books is a cop with issues, a broken marriage, or saving the day in the end. While all of these things are in French’s “Junkie”, he adds enough new twists to each that the reader can only hold on and enjoy the ride. Just when you think you know what is going on the author surprises you and takes you in a different direction.

Anyone who reads very much also knows you don’t write a story with multiple first person viewpoints. If there was ever an exception to that rule, “Junkie” is it. Not only does French pull this off, it becomes a way of giving us better insight to each character than I can ever remember reading. The only negative is that it would have helped to put the character name with each chapter so the reader knew when the change in perspective occurred. Sometimes it took a while to realize in which characters head we were in. But once you realize what the author is doing it becomes a mute point and a great read!!

I look forward to reading more from this author.

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