Boca Mournings


A Must Read  *****


How many books have you read that combine gay issues, the Holocaust, the dispute between Israel and Palestine, the susceptibility of seniors to exploitation, and a talking penis? Steve Forman has managed to do all of that with not only his trademark humor but with a sensitivity that reveals the heart of a caring soul.

This is a must read for anyone who loves to read and wants a story that is not only a page turner but is a story with some surprising twists. Forman keeps you reading and manages to deal with some serious issues while making you laugh at the same time.

Eddie Perlmutter is not just a character we wish existed but is someone we all could strive to be like. My only suggestion would be to read the first book, Boca Knights,to understand who Eddie really is.

That doesn’t mean that this book doesn’t stand alone, it just means that if you like good books don’t miss any of Forman’s work!!

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