Never Go Back: A Jack Reacher Novel

nevergo backBack to the True Reacher.   ***

First the good news, Lee Child starts the book by reminding us who Jack Reacher is: 6’5″, about 240 pounds. Which helps to erase the image of Tom Cruise. The bad news is that the story line stretches the lines of plausibility. I am thinking of the fight in an airplane bathroom, (no spoiler here, any reader will see it coming), but me being 5″11″ and 165 pounds, I have a hard time maneuvering in such a small space and can’t imagine this fight scene happening. The writing is repetitive but the pace almost makes up for it. Took about three hours to read. The ending was telegraphed a little too soon but not sure how else it could have been done and made sense. Child did capture the emotion of what it might feel like to think you have a daughter you have never seen. Reacher fans will agree this isn’t Child’s best nor his worst. Maybe his next will be an improvement more like his earlier works.   Maybe he should go back.

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