Inherit The Dead


A Mixed Bag..  *

First I have to agree with some others who were duped by the name Lee Child. Bought this just on his name alone. Once I realized it is a collaborative effort I was intrigued. If you want an inkling into authors you haven’t read, this could be a starting point. Also, the idea of using this as a fund raiser for Safe Horizon is very clever.

That being said, the actual story was boring, repetitive, and without any surprises. For some reason a few of the authors in writing their chapter felt it necessary to recap the story, as a reader I found this a bit insulting. One of my favorite authors, John Connolly, participated in the writing and his chapter is heads above the rest in style. At least one bright spot in a rather simplistic novel.

So maybe my review title should have been “Buyer Beware”.


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